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GMO Brights Consulting Inc. provides the optimum management model for your domain, using the following process:「search・audit」, 「register・maintain」, and「manage・monitor」.GMO Brights Consulting Inc. keeps up with these trends in order to assist you with securing your trademark rights, using a network of professionals in over 200 countries/areas, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and cutting-edge systematic operation.

Message from CEO

Be the "strongest guardian" of all brands in the world.

At the 10th anniversary of the founding, we took a look at ourselves in this decade, and conducted CI (Corporate Identity) as an opportunity to review our own corporate brand in order to make progress in the next decade.
The introductory words are "phrases from customers" and "meaning of their existence", which many of our staff felt, are combined into one phrase.

Since setting up, we will pursue innovation by acting on the leading edge global trends, acting faster than anyone, so that we can accurately grasp customer needs and market trends and provide services that satisfy our customers. Yes.
The company, which has been established with only 5 people, is now gathering talented human resources from over 20 countries, growing into a global company with branch offices and local subsidiaries all over the world, and is building a system to meet customer expectations .

In recent years, the importance and necessity of intellectual property rights are becoming more widespread on a global scale.
With the spread of the Internet, the world economy is expected to change further.
Furthermore, with the rise of various countries and globalization progressing, companies are required to have a solid presence.

Using our unique global network, which spans 200 countries and regions around the world, all our staff members provide optimal operations and provide reliable operations as the “strongest guardian of the rights” for our customers. I will do my best.


COO Mitsuaki Nakagawa
CEO Ryuji Kozu 

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