Treatment and Protection of Personal Information contained within this website.

GMO Brights Consulting Inc. (”GMO Brights”) fully understands that your personal information is significant information that may compromise your privacy. GMO Brights respects our customers and makes efforts to meet your expectations and trust with GMO Brights by complying with or having our officers and employees comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information when handling your personal information in the course of our business operations.

Personal Information

The personal information means information including the name, address, birth date, phone number, email address and other information that identifies individuals.

Collection of Personal Information

You can view most information on this website and use the services without disclosing any personal information. If you are unwilling to disclose your personal information to GMO Brights, you may refuse to provide the information at your discretion. In such case, however, please be aware that GMO Brights may not be able to provide certain services. If GMO Brights needs your personal information, GMO Brights will collect your personal information to the extent necessary after notifying you of the purpose of use and obtaining your consent.

Use of Personal Information

GMO Brights will use your personal information only for the purpose GMO Brights has notified you of and for communication with you and will not use it for any other purposes. If GMO Brights needs to use your personal information other than for the purpose that GMO Brights has notified you of when collecting your personal information, GMO Brights will in advance notify you of the purpose and obtain your prior consent.

Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party

GMO Brights will not disclose your personal information to a third party unless you have authorized us to do so or it is legally obliged by judicial or administrative authority under applicable laws or regulations. Even when you have consented to our disclosing, depositing or providing to or with a third party your personal information, GMO Brights will exercise all reasonable care to protect your personal information by making arrangements with the third party for protecting the personal information.

Management of Personal Information

GMO Brights will manage your personal information appropriately and carefully and take necessary and appropriate steps to prevent unauthorized access to, loss, destruction, alteration and divulgence of your personal information.


GMO Brights uses technology called “cookies” on some pages contained in this website. A cookie is a small data sent to your browser from the web server to be stored on your hard disk as a file. A web server can identify your computer by reading cookies on your computer and you can thereby utilize GMO Brights’ website efficiently. If you choose to disable cookies by turning them off from your browser, all or part of the services provided on the webpage may not be available.

Confirmation, Modification or Deletion of Personal Information

GMO Brights will deal with the following requests from you with respect to your personal information managed by GMO Brights to the extent reasonable and in deference to your wishes:

・Confirmation of information

・Modification or deletion

・Revocation of all or part of your consent to use the personal information.

Access logs and history of Website

This website records access logs containing the information of visitors. The access logs contain domain name and IP address of a visitor, type of browser used by it and the access date but generally do not contain the information that identifies individuals. GMO Brights will use the access logs for maintenance and management of this website and statistical analysis of its usage but will not use them for any other purposes. If you have provided your personal information in order to use certain services, the access logs of your use of this website may be recorded in connection with the information that identifies you. In such case, GMO Brights will handle them appropriately as a part of your personal information. GMO Brights will notify you of the purpose of use of the access logs for each service if GMO Brights uses these access logs in connection with your personal information for purposes other than: notification to you regarding the usage of the service, response to your inquiry, registration and management of your personal information and preparation of statistics in a manner you will not be identified.

GMO Bright’s Policy on the protection of Personal Information

GMO Brights will comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to the protection of the personal information in Japan and continuously endeavors to revise and improve this page as necessary.

Comments or queries regarding this website

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Published on 1 April 2004

Revised on 12 January 2016